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Winter Products 

J & J Landscape Supply  is ready to assist you with all of your winter storm supplies 24-7. We have 24 hour loading capabilities so that you are never out of product.

It is not to early to stock up on winter supplies for next season.

Call us today for pricing. Bag and pallet pricing are available.

As always, delivery is available for all products.

Road Salt

A colorless or white crystalline compound, NaCl. Curious as to why salt melts ice? Salt lowers the freezing/melting point of water. If the temperature of the roadway is lower than 15 F or so, then salt alone won't have any effect -- the solid salt cannot get into the structure of the solid water to start the melting process. In that case, spreading a combination of salt and sand over the top of the ice to provide traction is a better option.

Sand Salt

Comprised of 65% sand and 35% Sodium chloride
Benefits include:

  • Improves traction on paved and graveled roads.
  • Reduces snow and ice on pavement
  • Reduces corrosion
  • Reduces negative environmental impacts
  • Considered to be a cost effective.

 Bag Products

Arctic Thaw Ice-Melt Blend with Calcium Chloride and CMA
Arctic Thaw Ice-Melt Blend with Calcium Chloride and CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) generates heat on contact to quickly break the bond between pavement and snow and ice. The product uses blue crystals, which are easy to see, helping to achieve even application.

Blizzard Wizard Ice Melt

Blizzard Wizard Ice Melt is a traditional ice melter encapsulated with liquid magnesium and a proprietary formula to provide an environmentally friendly product with very little dilution. The product provides aggressive melting power at extremely low temperatures while offering virtually no corrosiveness.

Take a look at the comparison chart below.

Comparison Chart

Environmentally Friendly
*Safer on vegetation, concrete, metals

*Draws moisture from roots
*Greater spalling damage (ASTM testing)
*Rusts metals quickly

Application Friendly
*Safer - No protective clothing required
*Protective clothing required
*Oily residue
*Safer for children & pets

*Irritation hazard

Concentrated for High Yield
*100% active ingredients
*Colored for even visual coverage
*500 sq. ft. in as little as 1 cup
*Granulated for fine dispersal
Low Activation Rate
*49% active (balance is water)
*Not colored
*No published reports
*Flaked (less spread)
Anti-Caking Agent
*Unlimited shelf life
*Attracts moisture (quickly cake/harden)
*Safe on floors & carpets
*Safe on leather & footwear
*Compromises surface and fiber integrity
*Damages leather & footwear
*Hazardous slippery oily film

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