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Aggregate Stone

Aggregate Stone is mainly used in construction. However, some aggregate stone is used for decorative landscaping projects. J & J Landscape Supply offers a broad variety of aggregate stone. Some are featured below. Various other stone types, colors and sizes are available upon request.  As always, delivery is available on all products.




3/4" Stone

Typically a three quarter inch minus stone and gravel used a a base material under sand,stone and pavement. Other uses include drainage, driveways and walkways. Available in a variety of sizes. 

Stone DustUsed for setting stone, pipe covering and bedding 
Pea StoneConsists of small, smooth, rounded stones used to create aggregate concrete surfaces. Also may be used as a walking or driving surface.
Crush & Rungravel of crushed granite mixed with 3/4" size stones 
Processed GravelOur screening process ensures a consistency of size that will lead to quality results, regardless of the specifics of your project or application.

* Photos of stone are presented for informational purposes. 
Stone is a natural product and as such product delivered may vary.

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